Experienced Captains

Our whale watch captains have been working in the Monterey whale watching industry for years. They know the features of the bay and are able to anticipate the most likely locations for whale sightings. They are committed to ensuring passenger safety on board and strive to make the trip as comfortable as possible as well. We know that getting good views of whales and lining up the boat for photography are essential to having a good trip. Our captains love what they do and it shows!

Name: JJ Rasler

Years on the ocean: 15+ years

Hometown: Seaside, CA

Specialty: Captain

Favorite Hobby: “Coaching high school football for the local teams and fishing and hunting.”

Name: Danny Frank

Years on the ocean: 25+ years

Hometown: Pacific Grove, CA

Specialty: Naturalist & Captain

Favorite Hobby: “I like raising baby goats and practicing my archery, but not at the same time.”

Name: Rod Stoltz

Years on the ocean:


Specialty: Captain

Favorite Hobby:

Knowledgeable Marine Biologists and Naturalists

Our marine biologists and naturalists are passionate about the oceans and marine life. They will teach you about our local ecosystem in Monterey Bay while out on our daily whale watch trips. Our marine biologists and naturalists either have a degree in marine biology, marine science, or they are on their way to earning one. We strive to inspire the next wave of ocean enthusiast while out on our trips. You will learn about marine life and experience hands-on demonstrations and have an opportunity to interact with your crew one on one. Feel free to ask questions and expand your knowledge about our wonderful marine life with our crew! Our marine biologists and naturalists are also dedicated to marine research; they will be collecting research data while out on the trips for our collaborators on the west coast.

Name: Eric Austin Yee

Years on the ocean: 20+ years

Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA

Specialty: Marine Biology

Favorite Hobby: “I look for whales – even on my days off!”

Name: Pete Naik

Years working on the ocean: 2 years

Hometown: Wellington, New Zealand

Specialty: Naturalist/Scientific Communications Administrator

Favorite Hobby: Birdwatching

We have a very versatile crew here at Discovery. You may notice that some crew members have multiple specialties in their bio.

Check out all the staff members throughout the page to see all the roles we each fill on the team!

Enthusiastic Deckhands

Our deckhands are a crucial part of our team onboard, during our whale watch trips. They are your go-to crew member on board throughout the trip. They are happy to help you in any way they can during the trip, by answering your questions and by helping point out the wildlife to you. Our deckhands are ocean enthusiasts and love to share their excitement about Monterey Bay!

Name: Britt Simon

Years on the ocean: 6.5 years

Hometown: Los Angeles CA

Specialty: Deckhand, Naturalist & Fleet Manager

Favorite Hobby: “Watching Hockey – Go Kings Go”

Name: Daniel Rosa

Years working on the ocean: 10 years

Hometown: Pacific Grove, Ca

Specialty: Deckhand

Favorite Hobby: Dog training, surfing, and fishing

Name: Alfredo Chiappini

Years on the ocean: 4 years

Hometown: Westerly, RI

Specialty: Deck Hand

Favorite Hobby: Free Diving

Name: Reed Stember

Years working on the ocean: 1 year

Hometown: Carmel, Ca

Specialty: Deck Hand

Favorite Hobby: Sky diving and surfing

Name: Andrew Zazeski

Years on the ocean: 10 years

Hometown: Bremerton, WA

Specialty: Deck Hand

Favorite Hobby: Fishing

Name: Kevin Klein

Years working on the ocean: Less than a year

Hometown: Carmel Valley, Ca

Specialty: Deck Hand

Favorite Hobby: Fishing

Welcoming Office Staff

Our office staff is there to welcome you from the very start! If you call, email, or walk-in, our team is happy to answer your questions and help you sign up for a whale watch trip. We are dedicated to customer service and very knowledgeable about whale watching in Monterey Bay.

Name: Katlyn Taylor

Years on the ocean: 4.5 years

Hometown: Oregon City, OR

Specialty:  Marine Biologist & Business Manager

Favorite Hobby: “I have two hobbies that I like to do when I’m not at DWW. I like to create art out of sea glass that I find on the beach and I am working on a book project with a local photographer called Wild Monterey Bay.”

Name: Amber Caldwell

Years in the industry: 2 years

Hometown: Campbell CA

Specialty: Guest Experience & Office Operations

Favorite Hobby: “I like to work on my extensive succulent collection in my yard / house and watching hockey – Go Sharks!”

Name: Phyllis Singley

Years in the industry: 4 years

Hometown: Marina CA

Specialty: Guest Experience & Office Operations

Favorite Hobby: “I really like reading and practicing my art”

Name: Sami Chang

Years in the industry: 3 years

Hometown: San Ramon CA

Specialty: Guest Experience & Office Operations

Favorite Hobby: “I like to draw and practice my scientific illustrations.”

Name: Jessica Williamson

Years in the industry: 1 year

Hometown: Rancho Cordova, CA

Specialty: Guest Experience & Office Operations

Favorite Hobby: I enjoy activities such as hiking and rugby, but also appreciate a good book.

Professional Photographer & Licensed Drone Operator

Our photographers are experts in photographing whales and other marine life. We will have several photographers on board throughout the week to document our trips and capture those memorable moments with wildlife. We also have a licensed drone operator as part of our team, to bring a new perspective to our passengers.

Name: Slater Moore

Years on the ocean: 13 years

Hometown: Fountain Valley CA

Specialty: Photography, Drone Pilot, Media Marketer, Captain

Favorite Hobby: “I like getting out in our local area to take photos of wildlife and nature.”

The Owners:

John Mayer and Mathew Arcoleo have grown up around the wharf their whole lives. They came together to buy the historic Randy’s Fishing Trips in 2017.

Name: John Mayer

Years on the ocean: 23 years

Hometown: Pacific Grove CA

Specialty: Captain & Co-owner

Favorite Hobby: Motocross

Name: Mathew Arcoleo

Years on the ocean: 30 years

Hometown: Monterey CA

Specialty: Captain & Co-owner

Favorite Hobby: “If I’m not fishing – I’m golfing.”